What I received wasn't worth more than $150 at most if they were in good health and these are not in good health at all. Especially Lisa who was very thorough in explaining where I erred in my plans. I asked and was told in emails that the tree is a dwarf and would remain small but when I called a plant specialist and spoke with Lisa, she was unsure and stated to me that 'the rumor was it is an Illinois Everbearing' (40'x 40' at least) but she would try to call the grower for accurate info. Save with 24 Fast Growing Trees … When I can get a 6' fruit tree in perfect health at Walmart for $25, this just seems like a bad joke. So come the beginning of this year and my husband is eager to get some new items for the garden and I remember that I never got that so called gift cards from Fast growing trees. The Company guarantee that The User's plants and trees will arrive Happy and Healthy. They were all very small and not worth anywhere near what I paid for them. The next day my husband tries to check out only to find that the gift card codes expired at the end of March 6 days after they sent them to me for the first time! document.write(" "); Oh well, lesson learned. The issue is that I am paying someone $38 per hour to plant. What happened? Home of the famous ..." Visit fast-growing-trees… It is much more practical and much cheaper to plant tree hedges and single trees instead of putting up fences. 30 uses today. So I told her I did not trust the accuracy and wanted to ship it back at their cost and with no restocking fee (usually 25% or so). document.write("