[15] Artists the band covered while together included Chuck Berry ("Roll Over Beethoven", "Rock and Roll Music"),[16] Carl Perkins ("Matchbox", "Honey Don't"),[17] Larry Williams ("Slow Down", "Dizzy, Miss Lizzy")[18] and Little Richard ("Long Tall Sally"). 670614 All You Need Is Love [Lennon/McCartney] [single 7 July 1967] 680605 Don’t Pass Me By (version) [Starkey] [A 3-1-10] All You Need Is Love: b/w : Baby, You're A Rich Man: 24/11/67: 7" Parlophone: R 5655: Hello, Goodbye: b/w : I Am The Walrus: 15/12/67: 7" Lyntone: LYN 1360: Christmas Time (Is Here Again) 15/03/68: 7" Parlophone: R 5675: Lady Madonna: b/w : The Inner Light: 30/08/68: 7" Apple: R 5722: Hey Jude: b/w : Revolution: 20/12/68: 7" Lyntone: LYN 1743/4: The Beatles Sixth Christmas Record: 11/04/69: 7" Apple: … 640814 Leave My Kitten Alone [John/Turner/McDougal; vocals John] [out-take; A 1-2-22] 610622 Cry for a Shadow [Harrison/Lennon] [A 1-1-12], Decca recording audition (with Pete Best on drums) 651016 Day Tripper [Lennon; vocals John & Paul] [recorded for a single, released 3 Dec 1965; not on LP] 641008 She's a Woman [McCartney] [B-side I Feel Fine; not on LP] 620101 Like Dreamers Do [McCartney] [A 1-1-18] Pepper's Loney Hearts Club Band (Reprise) [McCartney] [take 9 - LP version], MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR (UK double EP 8 Dec 1967; US LP 27 Nov 1967; TV premiered 26 Dec 1967) 650215 Another Girl [McCartney] Login. 680916 I Will [McCartney] [take 1; A 3-1-25] 640811 Baby's in Black [Lennon or Lennon/McCartney] 630911 All I've Got To Do [Lennon] All beatles songs in chronological order By beatles201. 690130 The One after 909 (live) [Lennon; vocals John & Paul] [used unchanged for "Let It Be"] [39] Abbey Road (1969) featured prominent use of the Moog synthesiser and the Leslie speaker, along with a medley of song fragments edited together to form a single piece. 651013 Drive My Car [McCartney; vocals John & Paul] 680626 Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey [Lennon] 631017 I Want To Hold Your Hand [Lennon/McCartney] [not on LP] D&D Beyond 6709 Jessie’s Dream [Beatles] [home recording for the gluttony scene in the movie] 630730 It Won't Be Long [Lennon] 690721 Come Together [Lennon] [take 1; A 3-2-17] 670525 It's All Too Much [Harrison] [originally over 8 minutes; LP version has one verse less than film version], All You Need Is Love (recorded for the "Our World" TV programme, premiered live 25 June 1967) 640602 Any Time At All [Lennon] Darling [McCartney] I wanted a checklist of all known Beatles performances in chronological order. A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues. 680820 Mother Nature's Son [McCartney] [take 26; LP version] 680530 Revolution 1 [LP version] [Lennon] 12-Bar Original. Submitted by Alpha on Mon, 2011/08/22 - 3:53pm. The Beatles: Released: April 1965; Label: Amiga (GER) — — — — — — — — — — The Beatles' Greatest: Released: 18 June 1965; Label: Odeon (GER) — — — — — 38 — — — — The Beatles in Italy: Released: 13 July 1965; Label: Parlophone (ITA) — — — — — — — — — — Dans Leurs 14 Plus Grands Succès: Released: 1 September 1965; Label: Odeon (FRA) — — — — 80 — — — — — 650219 You're Going To Lose That Girl [Lennon] P.S. 630730 Please Mr Postman [Dobbin/Garrett/Garman/Brianbert; vocals John] 630718 Till There Was You [Willson; vocals Paul] 670906 The Fool on the Hill (demo) [McCartney] [A 2-2-15] 2. The first version, recorded on 6 June 1962 with, Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey, Sgt. 1996 The End (1996 remix) [McCartney] [A 3-2-23]. 680530 Yer Blues (demo) [Lennon], THE BEATLES ['THE WHITE ALBUM'] (double LP 22 Nov 1968) 7003xx For You Blue (lead vocals were re-recorded on 8 Jan 1970, otherwise it’s unchanged) 338 songs. 670301 Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds [Lennon] 680808 Not Guilty [Harrison] [out-take; take 102; A 3-1-18] [later re-recorded for his 1979 solo LP] It turns out that ranking the songs recorded by the Beatles in the 1960s is easy; you put the worst one at the top, and the best one at the bottom. 660426 And Your Bird Can Sing [Lennon] [take 10 - LP version] [7], Following their signing with EMI in 1962, each member of the "Fab Four" contributed to songwriting. 630211 Anna (Go to Him) [Alexander; vocals John] 671002 Hello Goodbye [McCartney] [take 16; A 2-2-18] All My Loving: Friday, 22 November, 1963: All Things Must Pass: Monday, 28 October, 1996: All Together Now: Monday, 13 January, 1969: All You Need Is Love: Friday, 7 July, 1967: And I Love Her: Friday, 10 July, 1964: And Your Bird Can Sing: Friday, 5 August, 1966: Anna (Go To Him) Friday, 22 March, 1963: Another Girl: Friday, 6 August, 1965: Any Time At All 690122 Dig a Pony [Lennon] [unreleased studio version; A 3-2-3] Create Account. 641018 I'll Follow the Sun [McCartney] 630211 A Taste of Honey [Scott/Marlow; vocals Paul] 670908 Flying [Harrison/Lennon/McCartney/Starkey] [originally 9.31 long] Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Magical Mystery Tour). 680628 Good Night [Lennon; vocals Ringo] [originally intended as a lullaby for John's 5-year old son Julian] 1996 Penny Lane (1996 remix) [McCartney] [combination of several takes 661229-670117; A 2-2-4] 680729 Hey Jude (first version) [McCartney] [A 3-1-17] 641018 Kansas City/Hey! 'Yes It Is' Main Writer: Lennon. DATES REFER TO THE DATE WHEN THE RECORDINGS OF A PARTICULAR SONG BEGAN. 640301 I'm Happy Just To Dance With You [Lennon; vocals George] 7003xx Across the Universe (4 Feb 1968 version considerably reworked by Phil Spector) 670517 You Know My Name (Look up the Number) [out-take; mono version; B-side Let It Be, 6 March 1970] 680530 While My Guitar Gently Weeps (demo) [Harrison] Love of the Loved [McCartney], [2] The majority of their recordings were produced by George Martin, who also played and composed string arrangements on multiple songs; his influence on the group led him to be referred to as the "Fifth Beatle". 690702 Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight [recorded together] [vocals on 1: Paul; vocals on 2: all four] 640416 A Hard Day's Night [take 9 - LP version] [Lennon], 'A HARD DAY'S NIGHT' LP SESSIONS (LP released 10 July 1964) 640227 And I Love Her [LP version] [McCartney] 640601 I'll Cry Instead [Lennon] [a longer version was released on the US single/LP + on the 1981 film re-release] 640601 I'll Be Back [take 2 (failed) - A 1-2-17] [Lennon] Go to The Beatles LP and CD Discography Go to The Beatles Songs Cross Reference. Across The Universe. Pepper)[37] and popularising the Indian sitar in pop music ("Norwegian Wood");[38] Harrison further embraced Indian music on songs such as "Love You To", "Within You Without You" and "The Inner Light". They focus mainly on the original UK releases, which have since become the established albums in the group’s canon, along with various other releases … [a] While songs written by Lennon or McCartney were always credited to "Lennon–McCartney",[b] the pair wrote many songs completely separately. [McCartney; vocals John & Paul] [take 4; A 3-1-26] 620911 P.S. In the UK, 30 songs were released as non-album singles, despite appearing on numerous albums in the US. 681004 Martha My Dear [McCartney] 660428 Eleanor Rigby [McCartney] 690222 I Want You [Lennon] In those years between 1962 and 1970 the Beatles released 219 songs or song variants, which are listed below in order of appearance. The Beatles were an English rock band from Liverpool who recorded hundreds of songs during their career. LP SESSIONS (LP released 6 Aug 1965) 651111 Girl [Lennon] 651012 Norweigan Wood (This Bird Has Flown) [Lennon/McCartney; vocals John] [first version; A 2-1-14] 640225 And I Love Her [take 2 (vocals and pace slightly off) - A 1-2-11] [McCartney] Later that year (601015) they recorded the unreleased 'Summertime' with Nigel Whalley in a small recording booth in Hamburg. (premiered 17 July 1968; LP released 17 Jan 1969) Take Good Care of My Baby [Goffin/King; vocals George], 630211 Baby It's You [David/Williams/Bacharach; vocals John] 650218 You've Got to Hide Your Love Away [Lennon] [take 5; A 2-1-4] 670512 All Together Now [McCartney; vocals John/Paul/Harrison/Starkey] All I’ve Got To Do. 641026 What You're Doing [McCartney], 'HELP!' 640301 I Call Your Name [Lennon] [out-take; on EP 19 June 1964] [Lennon] [take 9 - LP version ] 630911 Not a Second Time [Lennon] Since the remastering of the band's catalogue on CDs in the 1980s, the … 630211 Hold Me Tight [McCartney] [this take was lost and was re-recorded 630912 for "With the Beatles"] 1996 Because (1996 vocal remix) [Lennon; vocals John/Paul/George] [A 3-2-20] 690426 Octopus's Garden [Starkey] [take 32 - LP version] Pepper's Loney Hearts Club Band (Reprise) [McCartney] [take 5; A 2-2-12] 680530 Piggies (demo) [Harrison] [A 3-1-8] 660421 Taxman [Harrison] [take 11; A 2-1-20] The most popular and influential rock act of all time, a band that blazed several new trails for … Blog. 640129 [recording of German vocals to "I Want to Hold Your Hand"] 670119 A Day in the Life [beginning and end: Lennon; middle part: McCartney] 641018 Words of Love [Holly; vocals John & Paul] 680530 Mother Nature's Son (demo) [McCartney] 6611mid Strawberry Fields Forever (home demo sequence) [A 2-2-1] 660414 Rain [Lennon] [B-side Paperback Writer; not on LP] 681008 I'm So Tired [Lennon] [take 14; LP version] 650216 Yes It Is [Lennon; vocals John & Paul] [not used in film; take 14; B-side Ticket To Ride] Four songs have only appeared in two of the groups' films: one in Magical Mystery Tour (1967) and three in Let It Be (1970). 670213 Only a Northern Song [Harrison] [out-take; (bass & guitar added 20 April); A 2-2-7] 630305 From Me To You [Lennon/McCartney] [not on LP] Love Me Do - Remastered 2009 The Beatles • Please Please Me (Remastered) 2:21 0:30. Since their break-up, over 100 more songs by the group have been officially released, which include live songs the group never recorded in the studio and numerous outtakes. 660602 I Want To Tell You [Harrison] 640225 Can't Buy Me Love [McCartney] [take 4 - single/LP version] 640225 I Should Have Known Better [Lennon] 641018 Eight Days a Week [take 13 - LP version] [Lennon; vocals John & Paul] 690130 Don't Let Me Down (live) [Lennon] [unreleased] Memphis, Tennessee [Berry; vocals John], "Love Me Do" - October 5, 1962 2. 671128 Christmas Time (Is Here Again) [on CDM Free As a Bird], Early sessions 1968 1969: Let It Be: Across the Universe: 70%. 680822 Back in the U.S.S.R. [McCartney] Two more songs were recorded this day, both takes remain unreleased: 650218 You've Got to Hide Your Love Away [Lennon] [take 9 - LP version] I Love You - Remastered 2009 The Beatles • Please Please Me (Remastered) 2:04 0:30. Such proclamations can and have been made of the groundbreaking Sgt. 630718 You Really Got a Hold on Me [Robinson; vocals John & George] List of Beatles Songs The Beatles are perhaps the best know music group in the world and despite the fact that they split up some time ago Beatles records are still selling very very well. 690801 Because [Lennon; vocals John/Paul/George], I Me Mine 680716 Cry Baby Cry [Lennon] [take 1; A 3-1-13] 1. that take remains unreleased but it was re-recorded 18 Oct 1964 for the 'Beatles for Sale' LP. 650216 Yes It Is [Lennon; vocals John & Paul] [not used in film; take 2; A 2-1-2] 640416 A Hard Day's Night [take 1 (laughs at the end) - A 1-2-12] [Lennon] 690129 Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues [Roberts/Katz/Clayton] [A 3-2-11] 680923 Happiness Is a Warm Gun [Lennon] [put together from 3 unfinished songs John had worked on] 660406 Tomorrow Never Knows [Lennon] [take 3 - LP version] 610622 Ain't She Sweet [Ager/Yellen; vocals John] [A 1-1-11] [41] Further recordings have been released on various compilation albums and deluxe editions. Plus, Justin Bieber tallied five total weeks with three songs in the top five, a stretch that leads all soloists and is second overall only to The Beatles' eight. 680530 Honey Pie (demo) [McCartney] [A 3-1-9] March 1960 - Hallelujah, I Love Her So [Charles; vocals Paul] [A 1-1-6] 680903 While My Guitar Gently Weeps [Harrison] [LP version] Sure To Fall (in Love with You) [Perkins; vocals Paul], 661124 Strawberry Fields Forever [Lennon] [take 1; A 2-2-2] 690724 Sun King/Mean Mr Mustard [1st: McCartney/2nd: Lennon] 620101 The Sheik of Araby [Smith/Wheeler/Snyder; vocals George] [A 1-1-17] 640601 Matchbox [Perkins; vocals Ringo] [out-take; on EP 19 June 1964] Till There Was You [Willson; vocals Paul], I use it to keep track of what I have heard vs. what I haven't heard. 690709 Maxwell's Silver Hammer [McCartney] [take 5; A 3-2-15] 630718 Money [Bradford/Gordy; vocals John] 680530 Cry Baby Cry (demo) [Lennon] 651111 I'm Looking Through You [LP version] [McCartney], REVOLVER (LP 5 Aug 1966) All the rules fell by the wayside with Revolver, as the Beatles began exploring new sonic territory, lyrical subjects, and styles of composition. 620904 Love Me Do [McCartney] [first version/single version: Ringo on drums] 670223 Lovely Rita [McCartney] 690124 Two of Us (version) [McCartney; vocals John/Paul] [A 3-2-4] 690125 Old Brown Shoe (demo) [Harrison] [recorded on his 26th birthday; A 3-2-13] 660421 Taxman [Harrison] [take 12 - LP version] Follow -> Walk Off The Earth <- for more musical journeys like this. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND (LP 1 June 1967) 690131 Let It Be [McCartney] [single version released 6 March 1970; LP version released on Let It Be], Live on Apple building rooftop (30 Jan 1969; about 45 minutes) a recording chronology. Hey! 670329 With a Little Help From My Friends [McCartney; vocals Ringo] [22], Originally rooted in skiffle and 1950s rock and roll music,[1] the group embraced pop music in their early years ("She Loves You", "I Want to Hold Your Hand"),[23] but began to branch out into different genres, including folk rock (Help!, Rubber Soul),[24][25] country ("Act Naturally", "Don't Pass Me By")[26][27] and psychedelia (Sgt. 630730 All My Loving [McCartney] 641018 Rock and Roll Music [Chuck Berry; vocals John] [19] Cover songs were included on five of the band's core albums: Please Please Me, With the Beatles (both 1963), Beatles for Sale (1964), Help! 671012 Shirley’s Wild Accordion [Lennon/McCartney] [unreleased; only used briefly in movie], Christmas Time (specially recorded for the yearly fan club Christmas record) 690724 Ain’t She Sweet [Ager/Yellen] [one of three jams recorded for fun] [A 3-2-19] 621126 Ask Me Why [Lennon] [B-side Please Please Me; also on LP "Please Please Me"], PLEASE PLEASE ME (LP 22 March 1963) 660429 I'm Only Sleeping [Lennon] [rehearsal; A 2-1-22] 650617 Wait [Lennon/McCartney] [released - with some rhythm overdubs on 11 Nov - on "Rubber Soul"], RUBBER SOUL (LP 3 Dec 1965) 680530 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (demo) [McCartney] "Do You Want to Know a Secret" - March 23, 1964 With The Beatles: 1. 650615 It's Only Love [Lennon] [take 6 - LP version] 650617 [strings added to Yesterday take 2] 670309 Getting Better [McCartney] 620101 Searchin' [Leiber/Stoller; vocals Paul] [A 1-1-15] 'I’ll Follow the Sun' was also recorded during the Quarry Men sessions; "Eight D… [23][27] The group also composed numerous ballads, including "Michelle" and "The Long and Winding Road". 630211 I Saw Her Standing There [take 1 - LP version] [McCartney or Lennon/McCartney; vocals Paul] 680530 Rocky Raccoon (demo) [McCartney] 690126 The Long and Winding Road [McCartney] [original unreleased version; A 3-2-8] These include demos, outtakes, songs the group only recorded live and not in the studio and, for The Beatles Anthology in the 1990s, two reunion songs: "Free as a Bird" and "Real Love". 680911 Glass Onion (first version, in mono) [Lennon] [A 3-1-20] 680628 Good Night (rehearsal) [Lennon; vocals Ringo] [A 3-1-12] 660413 Paperback Writer [McCartney] [single 10 June 1966; not on LP] 670925 The Fool on the Hill [McCartney] [take 4; A 2-2-17] 690125 For Your Blue [Harrison] [used intact on LP but ] 690125 All Things Must Pass (demo) [Harrison] [recorded on his 26th birthday; A 3-2-10] 670209 Fixing a Hole [McCartney] 680801 Hey Jude [McCartney] [recorded for a single, released 30 Aug 1968; not on LP] 680530 Revolution 1 (demo) [Lennon] 630211 Do You Want To Know a Secret [Lennon; vocals George] Recorded: February 16, 1965. 690130 I've Got a Feeling (live) [Lennon/McCartney] [used unchanged for "Let It Be"] 640814 I'm a Loser [Lennon] 690130 Get Back (live; second reprise) [McCartney] [A 3-2-12], ABBEY ROAD (LP 26 Sep 1969) 641018 I Feel Fine [Lennon] [single 27 Nov 1964; not on LP] Hey! 650615 It's Only Love [Lennon] [take 2; A 2-1-8] 690416 Something [Harrison] 660509 For No One [McCartney] More . 670822 Your Mother Should Know [McCartney] The Beatles had five No. 630911 Little Child [Lennon/McCartney] 680815 Rocky Raccoon [McCartney] [take 8; incomplete; A 3-1-21] 680809 Mother Nature's Son [McCartney] [take 2; A 3-1-19] 681003 Savoy Truffle [Harrison] 680611 Blackbird [McCartney] [take 4; A 3-1-14] 640603 It's For You [demo] [McCartney] [unreleased] Badges ... With the Beatles: All My Loving: 70%. 680530 Sour Milk Sea [Harrison] [unreleased demo] 651104 What Goes On [music: Lennon/McCartney; words: Lennon/McCartney/Starkey; vocals Ringo] 670905 I Am the Walrus [Lennon] [take 16 (the basic track); A 2-2-14] [take 2 - A 1-2-26] [Lieber/Stoller/Penniman; vocals Paul] AS AN EXAMPLE, 'A 1-1-3' MEANS THE RECORDING IS AVAILABLE IN 'ANTHOLOGY' SET VOL 1, CD 1, TRACK 3. 690709 Maxwell's Silver Hammer [McCartney] [take 21 - LP version] 680530 Sexy Sadie (demo) [Lennon] 670213 Only a Northern Song [Harrison] [used in film Yellow Submarine 17 July 1968, and LP 17 Jan 1969] 660614 Here, There and Everywhere [McCartney] Three Capitol of Canada 45s were included in this discography, as two were not available on any other label in this configuration, one was the first North American release, and all three were commonly available as imports in the US. [Lennon] [take 1 & 2; A 2-2-8] 660408 Got To Get You Into My Life [McCartney] [take 9 - LP version] [95] Further recordings from these shows were released on On Air – Live at the BBC Volume 2 in 2013.