You’ll find the information for this year, including the monthly themes and the Olympic Stitching challenge, on Measi’s blog at Saved from Visit Needleseyestories's profile on Pinterest. Each person pick their own pattern they want to work. If you know of one that I haven’t mentioned, please leave a comment below and point us in the right direction to join and stitch along! $10.00 for pattern You’ll find an overview of this design along with the ordering information on her website at and the pattern is also available to order from several needlework shops. It’s a fun project and everyone’s result will be different every time . Wife to a comic book geek who makes me smile every day. Use one strand of light tan floss as indicated above and on the pattern. This week we will start out by adding the blue star flowers, the rest of the poppy and pansy petals, and the banner. The centre of this square starts off as a circle and then transitions to a square not too far into the project. Apr 1, 2019 - Welcome to the Crochet Spring Garden Afghan Stitch Along with our friends at JOANN Fabric & Craft Store. This is a pattern you don’t see very often. I’ve seen this on IG and it’s lovely. Passionate stitcher. Week 2 is out for the JOANN Spring Stitch Along. Now I’m really in trouble trying to decide which to do. Another knitter friend, Joann Gay, has been helping me translate it to the loom but has experience with needles, too. You can read all about this charity fundraiser at, $27.00 for pattern A 28-week stitchalong with a sampler that can be stitched on banding or any fabric of your choice. You’ll find the instructions and all the details you need to get started at, £10.00 for pattern The floral calendar features a dozen designs, one per month, each 70 x 70 stitches in size that can be stitched all together as one large piece or individually. Jodyri Designs has a year long Scandinavia Gnome SAL. Article from Spring-2020-Stitch-Along-Week-2-Clue. The Stitch Adventure Blanket is a crochet sampler blanket that will be worked in rows in one piece. Since it’s ongoing indefinitely, there’s no exact size or stitch count to give and everyone’s pieces will be totally different. I’ve been working on gathering up a list of them as I see them being announced . I’ll try to update this post as often as I can to include new SAL discoveries throughout the year. So, what got me out of my doldrums? It’s free to participate in and it’s a fun way to look back and your stitching progress over the month. Writer at heart. You can find out more and sign up for email notifications at, $15.95 for pattern, optional supply kits and cute needle minder available The mystery pattern will feature a group of twelve animals, all friends who live in the same area (maybe Pumpkinville’s neighboring community of GourdTown?!) Mar 27, 2020 - The Bernat Yarn Stitch Along is for all crochet skill-levels. And I believe there will be a cocktail one too but it hasn’t officially been announced yet. Progress check-ins on the 10th of each month in the Connie Gee Facebook group, Free Broken down into 52 parts, you’ll get a little bit of this stitchalong each week in the Peppermint Purple SAL group. I also saw a fun idea on Pinterest where you stitched a simple bookmark, just a single row of stitches across for each day (any width) using any scale of colors for the temperatures that you’d like. The directions for this week show where exactly to stitch. I know I did! The leaves are embellished with a #8 green pearl cotton using a fly stitch, and the blue flowers get five pistil stitches and three French knots (not hens ). Please join me once again over the next several weeks and make yourself a beautiful, whimsical afghan… If this is your first time, you can click on the Crochet with Me tab at the top of the page and see all of the […] Thank you for adding me to the list! The Llama No Drama Stitch Along will begin in January 2020. December 9, 2020 No Comments. The blue stitch marker starts after the 2 setup rows and the first pink marker starts after the first set of 8 rows is complete and so on. Learn the single crochet stitch. These creatures were called “Familiars.” This SAL is a creative look at possible animals who could act as a Familiar Spirit to the modern-day witch. Top Discover an amazing brand: Let your creative and crafty side fly free with the eclectic range of fabric and craft supplies at JOANN. Align the smaller banner pieces under the larger one as shown. and are just enjoying each month to the fullest in their cute little outfits doing fun seasonal things, as you do. September 15 Kathy and Taylor, The Cottage at Cardiff Farms. While we may be on Week 2, it is not too late to start., JK’s Stitching Supplies Chat group on Facebook is having a SAL for the Satsuma Street Horoscope designs running from March 21st to coincide with the Zodiac.
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