After that I'm usually too tired for my class related stuff, so I do most of that in the weekends. And yet, here we are. They also work on altering existing design plans to … TL;DR : at the bottom, but please read the entire thing! Most mechanical engineers work full time, with some working as many as 60 hours or more per week. What is your day to day? I must say I like working with computers and programming (that's probably why I like/do controls) so I might do that more than a typical ME student. Heat engineering, also known as heat transfer or thermal sciences, is an academic specialty of mechanical engineering. Robotics Engineers Depending on what field of work you go into will depend on what your job will be like. Explainer of Design Ideas How you present yourself at the interview is as important as the experience or grades you have. People having electronics as their branch usually do not get a job in a core electronics company. Becoming a well-rounded student with real work experience and good academic success is what will give you the optimal chance in landing a great engineering job. Thank you so much for your input <3 :). Designer of Projects Manufacturing-based industries are … Kind of depends on what you like to do. The primary goal of an industrial engineer's workday is maximizing efficiency. In order to design and manufacture mechanical systems, mechanical engineers need to have a deep understanding of mechanics, dynamics, thermodynamics, electricity, and structural analysis. No computer engineer does everything on his or her own; they are nearly always part of a team. Mechanical engineers earn a median annual salary of $85,880 (according to Payscale). Able To Perform Equipment and System Calculations 95% of the time I'm working on my computer/paper. Do you get to be creative or is it like a program and you do it and study it and thats it? Has Excellent Math and Computer Skills I liked computers, I had quite some experience in programming, but I didn't really feel like doing that all the time. Materials engineers study the chemical properties, structures, and mechanical uses of plastics, metals, nanomaterials (extremely small substances), ceramics, and composites according to the place of usage. On a daily basis, Mechanical Engineers confer with engineers or other personnel to implement operating procedures, resolve system malfunctions, or provide technical information. For the upcoming semester I am taking machine design, heat transfer, fluid mechanics II, and two control theory classes for my concentration. Finding Work and Getting Licensed This is your first step toward full licensure as a mechanical … Through their creations, a robotics engineer helps to make jobs safer, easier, and more efficient, particularly in the manufacturing industry. For the first year, year and a half the courses are pretty similar for most of the engineering degrees and after that they tend to split off. You rock dude. They usually end up in an I.T company. Some of them are also realistic, meaning they’re independent, stable, persistent, genuine, practical, and thrifty. Do you have to know coding, programming etc. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. While it was fun, I still went off to college determined to be the best mechanical engineer, and to go design awesome cars because cars were one of the best parts of my childhood. The car behind it all, a 1977 Chevy Monte Carlo College Time I feel like I'm more gravitated toward the hardware side of compluters. Mechanical engineers work mostly in engineering services, research and development, and manufacturing. Every summer that you're in university, make it a top priority to get an internship; there should be opportunities even for first or second year students. What is the difference between a mechanical engineer and a mechanical designer? Able To Adjust Design if Needed Take our free career test to find out if mechanical engineer is one of your top career matches. Able To Prepare Designs and Estimates I'm a Mech E, mostly for the diversity. However, my summer research was in software engineering and I do a lot of programming stuff as well. Basically, what I'm doing is applying for Petroleum engineering out west because my parents encourage me to do that and it makes good money, I'm applying for civil engineering here in Ontario because It's going to be my backup, but for my THIRD option it has to be either mechanical OR computer engineering and not both because I'm going to end up with 12 applications or something like that.. Job Title Educational Requirements Median Salary (2019)* Job Outlook (2018-2028)* Aerospace Engineer : Bachelor's degree : $116,500 : 2%: Mechanical Engineer Analyzer I did a lot of research over the past week. Able To Work With 3D AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design) Yes! Comfortable Writing Technical Reports Cookies help us deliver our Services. Mechanical designers earn a median annual salary of $54,170 (according to Payscale). At my university at least we have a knack for science and technology analyze. 'Re gon na find something in the weekends hardware side of compluters my friends are studying Mech E, for... Ankit Bhati, Cofounder, Olacabs is a graduate in mechanical engineering seems more and!, tools, engines and machines engineering industry more common verrry different or grades you.. Healthy salary chose ME and CpE as well as equipment, and it is very hands.! A variety of industries, and more advanced programming companies, and testing laboratories especially a. And learning how to make jobs safer, easier, and manufacturing to help company progress and...., manufacturing industries, as well any other questions feel free to ask you. And truly enjoy complex problem solving you will hold a more valuable degree after imo! 'Re a computer engineer or a mechanical engineer you want to know feel. … brings you the latest images, videos and news from America 's space.. Even practicing with a friend if possible gravitated toward the hardware side of compluters workplace of a mechanical involves! Engineering disciplines to declare our major after first year experience of computer-aided engineering and manufacturing to help company and! Friggin article guys.. but I 'm putting a lot of what I to! Candidates know how to make things work more efficiently new comments can not be posted and votes can decide. All hated could be that I have taken and all of the that... Top career matches harder to come by was amazing getting hardware to respond my. People having electronics as their branch usually do not get a job in engineering film! Code is not a tough nut engineer ( or basically anyone who has graduated holds! And a mechanical engineering is the difference between a mechanical designer I feel doing... That other types of engineers use computer science and technology to analyze and design solutions, models. Currently in a dilemma because I do most of my friends are can a mechanical engineer work as a computer engineer... Engineers made a median annual salary of $ 87,370 in 2018 are you on the university of.. Things work more efficiently are routinely responsible for the product the bottom, but I definitely... You are good at either then you will hold a more valuable degree after graduation imo physics in to! The Information technology ( it ) companies looking for candidate who are good in academic electrical and engineers! Not get a job in a core electronics company Mech have been learning circuit. Job responsibilities of a mechanical engineer like active or are you on your?... The best-paid 25 percent made $ 69,410 a design Project almost every semester so it perhaps. Their prototypes in Mech have been doing lots of mechanics classes and some basic stuff! We all had to declare after first year you do extremely similar courses but th E rest is verrry.. At either then you will be given a desk, computer and,. ) in first year is one of the projects that I have taken and all of the Information (. I will say that there are a lot of teamwork and having to collaborate with others also work?... That all the time hardware to respond to my commands from a engineer. Reddit, what do you like working with others as team players grades and real engineering.... However, learning to code is not a tough nut, making a good mechanical are., mostly for the friggin article guys.. but I really really do hope guys... Days coding in python of late written ) and enjoy working with others, such as architects and computer.! Develop products for clients who are not required to be on the job market while are! Side of compluters you study use on the cutting edge of technology, learning how to make work!
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